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Another Consequence of Rising Gas Prices Answered

Everybody knows that rising gasoline and fuel prices are taking a toll on consumers' wallets. But few anticipated this problem: a shortage of numbers at gasoline stations. Since gas prices have easily surpassed $4 per gallon, gas stations in New York don't have enough 4s to advertise their prices--so they've had to improvise and make DIY numbers.

Of course, with gas expected to hit $5 per gallon soon, some stations are prepared: On Monday, at a BP station on Coney Island Avenue and Lancaster Avenue in Gravesend, Brooklyn, a 2 had been turned upside down to make a 5 for the large sign on the corner.

When the price hits the $5.20 range, though, they'll probably have to start improvising again.

New York Times


Bizarrely, fuel prices are pushing some prices down over here - people are having to spend so much more on fuel (home as well as car) and food that they have none extra for luxuries, which is driving down the prices of clothes and large electricals, like TVs, and the Summer sales (which are normally used to clear space for the winter stock) are starting earlier.

We still can't afford them - a loaf of bread is over $2 now.

Holy cow. We buy ours at the day-old store, their prices are more reasonable.

I'll say, the one large bakery is in town and they set up the day-old place on a nearby highway, besides their own brand(s) they do a lot of store labels, surplus and store returns show up there. 2 big wheat loaves for $1.89, can't even get one loaf of white for that in the grocery store. However we normally don't use much bread, there's a high fungus factor after a week... Better to knock off a loaf with the $40 breadmaker from Wal-Mart, with driving figured in going there would really only save in bulk.

Osama Bin Laden once said something about how oil would one day be $144 a gallon, in order to punish America. He said that when it was $9 a gallon.

They mentioned it on the news when it did hit $144 a gallon.

wow seriously that guy needs help lol

Weiiiiirrrdddd. I was listening to that song earlier today (Don't ask) Weiiirrddd...

I remember reading about this when it was hitting $3.

It was more fun when it first went above $1.99 and the mechanical pumps weren't built for it. They had to be retrofitted (those that weren't replaced), you'd see a hole drilled into the metal faceplate to expose the new dollar wheel, next to the cents wheels they used to set the price. Before there was just a "1" painted there for the dollar part. Gas above $1.99 a gallon, who'd ever guess?! No wonder they didn't design for it!

Surely to Betsy the gas stations are making enough money to buy new numbers...

The guy by me only makes 2 to 5 cents per liter, and it only takes one drive off to wipe out a days profits, and they are becoming more common with the spike in gas prices.....

ughhh.... not really. Its the people that sell crude that make alot. Like the Arabs. The gas station guys don't get that much. Especially a small no name mom and pop station like this.

The gas station by my work had some trouble after gas rose past the four dollar mark a few weeks ago. They actually put up a giant '4', because the machine that displays the prices didn't have a four dollar mark. It was great when gas dipped down to three-whatever, because the four was still up, and the cents area had 97 on it, so gas apparently was $4.97! I should have taken a picture. Well, now that gas is up again, I suppose they'll be puttin the number up again.

here the gas has been 3.85 4 a month....

You will be shocked how expensive the gas is over here in UK, it cost more than £5.00 for a gallon of gas, that is like $10.00 per a gallon!!!

Ya but you see those pumps, don't worry about them, it only takes a few seconds to move the decimal place over one spot... (( You can even move it over two if you like, and I'm not talking about moving it from right to left either ))