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Another DJ Radio tribute. Answered

Now you may all be wondering, why do I keep making DJ Radio graffiti's? Well, to be honest, it's three simple reasons, I like drawing graffiti, DJ's name is cool to write in it, and he is awesome :-)

Also, I have just added in a picture of one that I made for Kiteman, just to show you all :-)



8 years ago

Nice! Would you consider making one for me? I would send you a patch.

Sure, I'll do your's next then! I will get right on it!

Hmm... Think you could do one for me? I'll use it as my avatar picture thingy.

Do you want a picture on it too? If so, what would you like?

Yeah that would be great. Could you add the robot wearing a t-shirt that I have for my avatar now?

Hey, I made it, but unfortunaley I could not fit the robot on, but for consolation, I made it look awesome, pics will be up in about 2 mins.

Hmm you're pretty good at that. It's too bad skill has to be wasted on DJ =P

Don't worry, he got the thank you card, a virtual pat on the back, and a subscription.

ah, so you made these on youtube?

wat is the first one? look up ^^^
the next one is KillerSafeCracker and then dj but wat is that first one?? LOL 

who iz that?

I'll go search for him in the search bar

 lol just that he is "paying u to make one"
a tribute is kinda supposed to be a nice gesture because someone did something great

Im puerpwnage I replied to one of your videos incase you wanna add me as a friend xD

I like your writing style, and great job drawing Kiteman!

Wow, this is the best awesomesauce in history!


8 years ago