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Another Knex challenge! - even better if you're a STAR WARS fan Answered

Oh and if you want another challenge visit my recent challenge to make an M1 Garand : www.instructables.com/community/Knex-M1-Garand-or-the-lack-of-them-/ Now, I was wondering if anyone could make a gun that looked like Hans Solo's DL44 Blaster.If you look it should be quite simple. You could use bakenbitz's BBKWG (www.instructables.com/id/BBKWG) as a starting point. Pic 1. The DL44 Pic 2. The DL44 (side view) Pic 3. The Mauser C96 on ehich it was based. I don't know about you but I really like this gun. With it's only competition the Colt .45 1911, this was the earliest coventional pistol. Pic 4. The hero himself, Hans Solo (with DL44) As the magazine is in front, you should'nt have much of a problem. I don't mind if it doe's or does'nt have the scope. So... Any takers?


I will go it a go.

A magazine clip? That's just a clip.

The part in the gun is the magazine. The ammo that gets put into it is the clip.

No, a clip is just that; a metal clip with live rounds on it, such as this. A magazine, however, is a spring-loaded "box", for lack of a better word, that pushes rounds into the chamber, ready to be fired.

Exactly I was explaining that for the mauser though. A clip basically stores ammo but does not load them. A magazine stores ammo (either directly in itself or with a clip in it) and loads the ammo into the chamber. They don't always have to be box magazines as you know. There are drum, pan, and that weird cylinder one that I saw, among others.

I know but they aren't quite. A drum stores them all parallel to each other side by side and usually go vertically into the gun. Pans store the ammo flat sort of like a clock formation and they usually go on top of the gun horizontally.

I know, but "box", for lack of a better word. Weird cylinder? Pics?

magazine is top loading

Yeah, ill give it a go. Post bk when im done!

might as well try, i got this HUGE book that has everything you could imagine about star wars(cost me something like 40 bucks)

Not too sure, the magazine would have to be a lot smaller, it would fire smaller rods.