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Another entry not listed Answered

I've notice others on here have this problem recently and now I am too.  This instructable I published yesterday is only accessible through my user profile and not through search or category browsing.  Please help.  I tried unpublishing and republishing and even changing category but nothing worked.




I waited all weekend and now another full day and still nothing.

Humans do not (usually) work on weekends, if your project gets caught it will need to be cleared on Monday. We are busy minions, but clear them all out before the end of the day.

Can you provide a link to your project? The one I see on your profile looks published to me.

Mabey it is published. I am new to the sight so I could be mistaken. I can see my project but it has never shown up on when you go to explore and then go to recent. Is it possible that I posted in a manner where it does not go to that area? The link is

It says it was published "Posted:Mar 9, 2013". I can see it on the bottom of page 2 of the recent feed (projects get bumped back as new projects are published).

It does not show up for me. It also perpetually shows 0 views until you looked at it and now it says 1. I have signed out and looked in case it does not show personal ones for you in the recent area. Still nothing.

A watched pot never boils. Give our server (and the viewing public) a chance to catch up - check back tomorrow.

Been waiting for two days now to see that it's still not coming up on searches, etc. My link is https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Stove-Fan-for-under-50/

Does it take longer than two days? THanks!!

Filters are cleared by humans during Californian office hours - give it another 36-48 hours from the time-stamp of this post.

Any luck? Should I republish it?

You need to email service@instructables.com to ask.


5 years ago

Same thing happened to me. My link is:


It's been published, you should see it indexed soon.

I've published your project, you should see it indexed soon.

It looks like you've tripped the filters.

Leave it a day, and it should be visible, but be aware that things run slow over the weekend.