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Answers - it's not this bad... Answered

I was doing a regular check of what coudal were linking and I found this. Spending a lot of time looking at Instructables Answers I'm both amused and interested, (and some other things...):

E.g. ive heard a lot about this thing called autism. apparently it's like a special ability some people hav that makes you rly good at card games and stuff. how do i become autistic so i can win at casinos?!

31 - Do midgets have night vision?

Posted in Pro because some questions are on the adult-side. It's scary in places, while mostly "sad". The point of this post is to remind those of us who look at Answers that it's pretty good around here.




Uhhhh that wasn't meant to sound horrible, it just came out that way. Get a blog. All I meant was _I_ wasn't interesting enough to get one. :D

 Cool, "Get a blog" should be like "Get a life", the new sort of put down phrase, I like it. I don't know what you meant about sounding horrible, I think you have hit on a new thing to say!

AGREED!!!!  I'm gonna use it next time someone is giving me their life story, or details I don't need.     "GET A BLOG!!!"

(It's also a bit like "Get a room".)

I'll support that idea (both of you)!


Watch it - you might provoke me to do something like that...


Arrrgh! Who has the time? I barely have time enough to DO the things I'd like to, much less sit down and the recount them all in a blog ;-)

Not that I haven't tried a few times.....but I can't keep it up for more than a post or three.

I wouldn't expect anyone to care... (if I did)


I haven't had much on the order of "subscribers" either with the blogs I started and forgot about.....

Uh, someone updated our images, it's dynamic? L

 Wow, that is so amazing, you should collect them, I want to make a collection of inane things men say on Match.com, just like that one some of the statements are priceless. Thanks for sharing.

Hey, it's not just men, you should hang around my wife for a week or so..... :-)

You could fairly easily set up a blog for your inane-things collection?


What about if I asked other people to contribute to the inane things men say - how would I do that? It is remotely possible that women say inane things also - this question maybe being one of them.

I had to google inane. Funny. And embarrassing. :D

.  The list of lists of dumb things men, women, blondes, Hillbillies, Aggies, &c say is HUGE. You might do better making a list of links to the better sites that already exist. YMMV.

Have a look for a blog-spot, see what they offer.


 Wow this is too weird, I HAVE a blog, I went to blogspot and there I was, I must have been in an altered state because I don't remember making it. The title fits something I would say though (what I made 2day). So how do I get people to add stuff? Is that all about having a following and that sort of thing? I never "got" this blog thing, it sounds so egotistical to me. Are they viewed that way? Do you have one? Does everyone have one or follow one? Who has the time for this sort of thing?

All you need is a little publicity and good content. Since you've got one (link?) you're in a better position to know how it works (I don't).


I've just added this site to my favourites list.

Go the Russians!

Thanks for reminding me about this!


Ahh fair enough.
No problems! :D

Some are just weird though... funny, but weird...

Yahooanswerfail.com is now officially my second favorite website ever. Also, I will never again post snarky comments in Answers when somebody asks a ridiculous question.

OK, that last part was a lie.