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Would it be possible to change the text that appears in the question box?

If it was changed to something like "Can't find what you want with a search? Then don't be shy, ask your question here", then maybe we would have less of things like this.

Just a thought.


Wow...lol at:
submitting a guide?
What are the qualifications to be able to create guides?
How do you post a guide on instructables?
how do you make a guide?
how do i make a guide on instrucables?
How do you make a guide in instructables.?
How do you make a guide for Instructables.com?
where do you make guides?
how do you make a guide?
How do you make a guide?
How do I make a guide?
how do I make a guide?
how do you make a guide?
How do you make a guid on instructables?
Where do I go to create a guide?
How do you make a guide on Instructables?
how do you make a guide?
And that's just the first page, Its amazing how many different ways the same question can be re-worded. O_o It seems to be every possible re-wording of the question, and there are still ones that are exactly the same.

O.O wow................

Holy hell. That's a lot of the same question.

Helly Hole. While we're making suggestions, I think there should be an intermediate step where the question is put into the Instructables search engine so the user can check whether the question was asked already.

Hear, hear!

I submitted exactly that suggestion to Feedback shortly after Answers were deployed, and the lazy masses all crawled out of the woodwork.

Maybe you want to either bump that topic, or create your own suggestion?

I agree. The "sanity step" (you know the one- once you click "Publish!" it says "are you totally sure?") could do that. Search for the title of the question, display the top handful of question titles (as clickable links) with their top rated answer if there is one, under a title like "Do any of these answer your question?". Once someone has posted "How do I make a guide?", someone else writing "How do you make a guide?" should see the list and hopefully realise the question has already been asked.

And it should definitely be called the "sanity check."

I suggested something almost exactly the same some months ago (on a past topic) so I'm in agreement with you. L

I knew somebody had, but more topics = louder noise.

How to make a guide must sound like a jet engine taking off. (215 decibels)

I'll repost this somewhere else.
I'm joking! Put your pitchforks down!

Are people that daft going to be swayed by a simple sentence? Honestly, I've never looked at Answers, just too jaded from Yahoo Answers, I keep waiting for someone to ask "How is Babby Formed".

It wouldn't hurt - they'd have to register the text at some unconscious level, just because they have to look at the box when they type.

Rofl, so many people wanting to know how to make a guide.

when will it stop? A guide to make guides...then a guide to make guides telling how to make guides....and on it goes ad infinitum