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Answers to my questions. Answered

When may I see all my answers to other peoples questions?
When I check my in-box it has been saying, since I joined, something like "you will soon be able to see all your answers to questions". Not yet? When? Sorry If i'm unclear. I'll try again soon.


Do you mean this item in your profile?

You've asked XX questions. You've written YYYY answers to questions. (Sorry, we don't have a way for you to view them, yet.) Question authors have picked ZZZ of your answers as Best Answers.

You can always see all the answers to your questions by clicking on each one (like a forum topic).

I'm not sure what you mean by "in-box". When I look at my Instructables in box, all I see is a list of the subject lines of the ten most recent PMs I've received.

Thanks, I feel so dumb. I think I meant (my answers to other peoples questions)  I  like to answer or comment when people ask questions, ie. join in. So when you ask me what do I mean, all the terminology gets me confused. Thank's for supporting me, I really appreciate it. Iv'e only just found out what a "cookie" is. Obviously it's not a biscuit. LOL.  Believe me when you have nobody to ask directly, It can be hard to sort through it all. It's all so new.

There is no reason for you to feel dumb! This technology is full of jargon, much of which often seems intended to keep "outsiders" outside :-( Joining in is awesome -- this site, like others, is intended to be a community of participants, not a peephole for voyeurs. Welcome to Instructables; I hope you enjoy it!

How do I change my Sign on Name???

Search for "changing username" and read the answers.

Yes Kelseymh.That is what I mean. Under the heading of : "My stuff" it say's "You've asked 7 questions and written 36 answers to questions (sorry, we don't have a way for you to view them, yet)". Can I view them?  Thank you. 

Sorry, I meant to put my post as a reply to you: Apologies.