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Ant Work, spectacular toy based on NASA experiment Answered

This Blog Rules featured an article and some fantastic photos of a toy based on a NASA experiment with ants. It's the coolest looking ant farm I've ever seen. 



Culturespy, would you be willing to fix the title to be more accurate? The AntWorks farm you've shown, and what was written up in the blog, is not a "NASA experiment," but a $20 commercial product (kids' toy).

It may be true that the nutrient gel itself was originally developed by NASA (I found a 1974 review article discussing the topic), but not the whole product.

This doesn't detract from the coolness, but I hate misleading science :-(

There you go. Thanks for pointing that out. ...Now if I can get a few pounds of that gel. That blog post really was a little misleading.

Looks like you can buy the kits for as little as $13 (see my link). A more focused search (maybe "insect nutrient gel" or something) ought to get you bulk suppliers.

You're Austrailian?!? I always thought you were British... ;->

Yeah, ill change it as soon as I get to a computer. I just stuck with the blogs title but am happy to make it more accurate.

No worries. It was interesting reading the blog's comments, which is what led me to check for myself.