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Antarctica-Bound Hybrid-Electric Hummers Visit Pier 9 Answered

Drive Around the World, a nonprofit founded in the Bay Area, revealed its latest innovation, a pair of hybrid­-electric Polar Traverse Vehicles, also known as the Zero South PTVs. These two unique vehicles are bound for a history­-making expedition across Antarctica and they came to Pier 9 today to talk about it. 

These revolutionary vehicles, designed using Autodesk tools, have undergone an extensive transformation from gas guzzling Hummers to open source, environmentally conscious biofuel hybrid­-electric vehicles outfitted with ice tracks and capable of standing up to the Earth’s harshest environments. Vehicle designers and leading NASA scientists discussed the expedition's logistics and the latest in climate discoveries.

From the Zero South team:

There is intentional irony in repurposing the Hummer H1, which many view as a contemporary symbol of gross consumer waste and inefficiency. Others view it as a remarkable multipurpose machine capable of extreme on­ and off­-road performance. But no matter which way the audience is ³polarized² by the vehicle, this adventure will appeal to everyone.

Zero South Electrical Engineer Brock Winberg


Design Question?

That bio-fuel cap looks Awfully Difficult to open with gloved hands... Perhaps they should borrow a design from Formula One cars and install a coupling device that opens by another means?


Ya that would be difficult and good idea. But hey, if they ran out of fuel and needed to piss in it for emergency fuel then ya still gotta take the gloves off to unzip.

Last I checked, there is no self-serve 7-11 anywhere in Anarctica, I may be wrong so don't quote me on that, so I guess it shouldn't be a problem.

There is none, other than the publicity to say it is eco-friendly and to cram as many sponsors onto the design committee.

That is an awesome machine

I believe they have enough ground clearance for your car to pass under it, well, maybe without the laser cutter shipping crate strapped to the roof...

looks nice, wait until those shady guys from bravo company steals the headlights and doors and puts it on their vehicles.

It's on the PMCS checklist, we can borrow them back when inspection rolls around.