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Anti Gravity Idea... Answered

OK I had this idea. I was online and thought up this idea for an anti gravity machine. This is it: use extremely static negatively charged materials for anti gravity. It could work the same way lightning clouds do. The base of the cloud is negatively charged and the ground become positively charged. Now if the material of the anti gravity "thing" is charged with static electricity, wouldn't it repel the ground? Now I am by far no expert in any of this...I just thought it up. What do you guys think?


Isn't this idea basically the same as making a magnet hover using another magnet by aiming the different poles at each other? All it is is using a strong force to counteract gravity, and being how magnetism and electricity are both components of a single fundamental force, I don't see how it's much different. However, it is an interesting variation on a classic experiment, it just uses the same concept of repelling forces stronger than the force of gravity.


9 years ago

Read this article I found.
Basically, it is about a ship that is neutrally charged, which makes it so that gravity from the positively charged Earth doesn't affect it (the core of the ship is positively charged and the outer part of it is negatively charged). The core and the outer bubble are equally charged so that the whole ship is neutrally charged, which makes it weightless in gravity. Then, since the outer bubble of the ship is negatively charged, it will be repelled by the positively charged Earth. These are the same basic principles that I was talking about, with the Earth being positively charged and the object being negatively charged (pretty much on an extreme level).

"That "Gravitons" are positively charged quanta, which are attracted to a "center of mass" because it is a "negative mono-pole", and therefore they flow to it... And that these Gravitons converging (with a spherical geometry) from every direction as they flow in towards a"center of mass" of matter, are the "Force of Gravity" of Classical Physics… and are the "causality" of the spherical "curvature of the 4-dimension Space-Time", that is the Gravity of Einstein's General Relativity…"

>Rolls eyes<

Kele (the Physics guy, cant spell his name D:) needs to see that link. He'll explode, lol.

O sorry I said that wrong: The outer of the ship would be positively charged so that it would repel the positively charged Earth. Sorry I sound really stupid.

No. Not going to work, but rather than say anything about what I can see here: in space there's a geet-big gust of charged particles blowing out of the sun which would screw with anything like this... L

I'm not worried about flying in space lol. Just having an object hover above the surface of the Earth is fine. Just have a negatively charged object hover, and control how negatively charged the object is to control how high the object hovers. Again, I am by far no expert on this. These are just my thoughts.

Aye, but I think you've got some good answers below(?) L


9 years ago

It is possible- I've seen a physical object suspended by electrostatic repulsion. The only problem is that it was a styrofoam ball the size of a grape, which probably weighed a gram or less, and the static charge from a desk Van der Graaf generator. The charge you would need to levitate a large object would be massive, and someone would probably be struck by lightning.

The other problem is that the negatively charged object would induce a positive charge int he ground directly below it... but opposite charges attract so it would fall even faster than normal, not hover.

What you're talking about is electrostatic repulsion, not antigravity. I'm not sure it'll work, I'll let someone else explain why.

It does work, I've seen it done. "Blaze Labs" rings a bell.

I'm not convinced thats what we have here. That link (from what I gather) ionises the air at one wire then attracts it to another, throwing the air downwards and causing lift. I think what the OP is about is using purely the fact that like charges repel to somehow have a charged platform and a charged object floating above it.

Ah, I see. I've seen that as well, but the charge was generated by a non-levitating device and suspended a small, inert object.

("Invalid parameters") Those are fun, but the thing that gets levitated weighs almost nothing.

When I first read your post, there was no video, just the phrase "Invalid parameters".

It's fine, now.

it's not very practicle, the charges are far too weak to be useful. I've seen videos on youtube of what's pretty much the earth and a vann da graff generator with a surfboard shape sheet of metal (it's small, like the size of a finger) being erratically suspended in the middle.

if this was true, wouldnt it be fairly difficult? I mean the reason why the ground becomes positively charged is because the cloud is negatively charged, it pushes the electrons away from the surface of the earth (ionizing? word for separation on charges). If the cloud was positivly charged, then the ground would become positivly charged, this would mean the ground whould be hard to levitate off of. Now something more along the lines of a flat van der graph might be easier