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Anti-fog Mirror System Answered

First of all, thanks to this comunity and all the DIY it has. Its a great group and has many interesting ideas. This is my first post, after one week reading all the projects, so hello to everyone.

I want to make an anti-fog system for my bathroom mirror, because every time I bath it creates fog and makes difucult to shave after.

I know about anti-fog sprays and DIY detergent solutions but there is also an electrical solution.

The one I have in mind is a wire attach to the back of the mirror and conected to the electricity, so it generates the hot enough to avoid the fog. I saw one that also covered the zigzag wire behind with aluminium foil to (I thinkk) spread the heat more uniformly.

What for sure I don't know, is about anything I should put to transform the electricity and resistance or whatever, because I thinks I can just conect the wires alone behind it.

Can anyone help me with this?

Two more things, in my country (Argentina) we use 220 voltage current instead of 110 like USA.
Second, excuse my english and mistakes as it is not my native language.

Thanks in advance to all the comunity !!!!



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Yes lemonie, sure it will function, but I want to DIY. Isn't it all about?
Any idea how to do it?


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You would need some wire and tape probably. If you can dismantle a toaster / hairdryer you might get what you need. But run off e.g. 12V



8 years ago

 Welcome to Instructables.
It is a major accomplishment to read all of the instructables in one week, some several hundred thousand or more. (just kidding with how your second sentence is read in English)

In cold climate places, they sell this ribbon wire heater that is used to thaw ice buildup on the roof edge.  You can also wrap it around a frozen pipe to get the water inside flowing again.  I think it is a plug in device that has no timer.

You may want to look at electric blankets.  They have a timer and probably some safety shutoff so it does not overheat.  You could incorporate something like that.  Gut out the heating wires and controls. There is aluminum foil duct tape that you can adhere the strip to in the back of the mirror.  If you are playing around with electricity in the bathroom, also make sure it is plugged into a GFCI ground fault circuit to protect you from shock near water.

Or else circulate water from the hot shower through some aquarium tubing to warm up the mirror.  You could make it like a hot water radiant heating system.  And then you might as well build a towel warmer to go with it.  Good luck.


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Well, it took me a week because there are 502 pages and many instructables in each one. I didn't get inside all of them but a few that I was interested in. Relly there are many cool things over here !!!!

I just saw "Flex-Watt-Heat-Tape" very interesting also.

What I want is similar to a rear-window car defroster.

For this project, water is not an option. I want to use electricity as source.

THANKS for your suggestions !!!!