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Antique megawatt meter (Westinghouse). Anybody ever seen anything like this? Answered

Picked up this barn-find in Cleveland, OH recently. I've tried finding any info on it to no avail. I found it near some massive (equally aged) Babcock & Wilcox pressure meters, so I'm thinking it came from a steam-powered electric plant. I'd love to find a picture of it or if anybody knows anything (or anyone who might know) please pass it along!


It runs to 20mA - if you connect it in series with your HDD LED it'll be a bit of a novelty. (I've done this with other ammeters)


That's awesome. Do you have a pic/video of one in action?

No, but I might be able to find the ammeter and batteries for the camera....


I just sent an email to them. Thanks for the info!