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Antistatic solution? Answered

We are running a vinyl product on our flexo printing press.  I need to build an antistatic device to keep my operators from getting shocked and to keep our product from sticking together.
Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,



8 years ago

Dryer sheets work well.  Conductive brushes that are grounded to the machine brush the material as it comes out of the machine and make sure the machine is grounded.

My large document printer has a brush that just barely touches the paper as it comes out of the machine drains the charge out of the paper.

If that doesn't work get your workers gloves that are made out of chainmail or a conductive fabric and the charge will be distributed across more pain receptors and they won't feel it enough to cause pain.


8 years ago

Is the vinyl liable to being scratched? If it is not, you could use a woven wire grounding strap, attached so that it hangs down and drags along the vinyl coming out of the printer.  The other end should be wired to a decent earth ground, such as a nearby copper pipe or metal conduit.

Free advice: To keep your operators from being shocked, don't print obscene things on the vinyl!