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Any Blender People out there Answered

I just want to know how many blender people we got out here Its always good to know who is good to go to for help seeing how anything with blender in the title on ibles deals with a blender, who knew So anyways, a here will suffice, but if you want to show off some renders, go ahead



7 years ago

I am making a game in blender. So far, its sorta working out... i need to figure out like... how to do animations in game and have like fire and stuff in game.

I love Blender.

Blender is probably the single-best thing that's helped me grow as an artist and an aspiring animator and game developer since I first discovered I could draw what I saw. The fact that it's free allows for anyone with a computer to obtain it and use it. It took me about a year to learn how to get by, and I haven't even learned half of it. I still have a long way to go before I can fully utilize Blender to do what I can only imagine, but someday I'll get there, and I'll be a happy man then. I intend to go into computer science when I enter college to learn scripting and really start to have some fun. Unfortunately I have no Blender -ibles as of now, but I suppose at some point I'll make one.

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I know this post is pretty old, but I do have an instructable where I walk you through building some objects in Blender: https://www.instructables.com/id/Space-Invaders-Chandelier-With-Glow-In-The-Dark-Ac/ I really love the program, but I know I've read a lot about people who think it's hard to learn.

Never really used any rendering program or anything like this before, but I've heard about it. I'm in a bit of a dry spell now, so I think I'll pick it up. Now the great challenge is to find out what to actually make.....

Just ran across this, didn't know we had so many animators on here. I have blender downloaded at work, will have to check out the noob to pro tutorial, as well as caligari truespace. This is why I love this website.

Go Blender, my CG weapon of choice! Brilliant program once you get over the 'Arrgh too many buttons' feeling!!!

I also have an on going question is there a way to export an animation other than frame by frame

In the buttons window, go to scene buttons (f10), find format tab, change drop down menu at bottom from "jpeg" to something like "avi raw." You can save the current screen and settings as default settings by pressing ctrl+u.

so i just set the reder format to a movie format and then save rendered image?

Do you have something moving?

Well, assuming you have something moving, ctrl+f12 renders an animation using your chosen format.

I use Blender! I use it for a lot of school stuff (projects,etc.) If anybody needs some help with it, I can if you want. Just PM me.

how do you export animations as movies... I would try to find out my self, but I broke my computer (so now my moms monitor isnt workings, so my monitor is on hers, and I am using her computer)

Tell ya what. Since I have another person asking me, I'll just make an Instructable on it. That way I can show you screenshots too. I'll let you know when it's up.

Ok, we have to talk to some other people who know too. Maybe


9 years ago

I have played with Blender a bit. I really like it!

tried it but resorted back to paint quickly paint rules !

I support this topic. Blender is complicated!

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Caligari Truespace (the inspiration for blender) was previously $700 USD, but has just been bought by Microsoft, and it is now free. Just putting it out there...

here's one of mine that i made for my instructable, it took for ever because I kept freezing blender because I messed up identifying the button to the picture under fluid simulation. But I like basic fluid simulation like this, its easy! You can't see it to well fro the angle but there's a cool splash in there too. I chose this angle because it actually made the glass look good other than that, i don't really save any renders

eating out.jpg

and here's my current project a realistic bunny from scratch I have to redo the ears though


I have it, I haven't had much time to play with it, so I would not be of much help at present.

I don't really need help, I just want to see how many people use it We don't have any ibles or groups!

Ok, well like I said, someone suggested I get it one day so I did...but I haven't had any time to learn it nor play with it at all. I must have 50 or more tools on my PC like that *sigh*

well theres always the wikibook, Blender: noob to pro
I learned from there, the tutorials off the main site and lots of guesswork
There are some things that no one has touched on like sculpt mode