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Any Canadian war games? Answered

I've been playing a lot of Call of Duty, but I'm kind of irritated that there's nothing about Canada in it.
Does anyone know of a video game where you play as Canadian forces?


The only game that really lets you play as a Canadian Soldier was Delta Force: Task Force Dagger (it came out in tthe early 2000's) you use a character that was JTF-2 (Canadian version of Army Rangers/Green Beret's, etc), it was for window's PC.

If you remember the game series (or not) but this game was based in Afghanistan and it was a 1st person shooter.

Other than that, whenever you play one of the Tom Clancy's: Rainbow Six games, you can choose a member for your assault team that's Canadian (they usually aren't in the top 5 for abilities/skills, but sadly that's the best we get in video games).

I too wish they would include Canadian Soldiers in the Call of Duty or Medal of Honour series, it would be great if they did.

Hope that helps man!


Oh and one more thing (seem to be having trouble posting again) but supposedly in the storyline of Call of Duty 3, you can play as Canadian Soldiers! Found that out this morning, I've never played that game but you should check it out man.

I don't play much though...
It's funny, considering how much hunting/gun stuff there is in this country :P

I'm not sure that there are any video games where you can play as canadian forces, however there are games like TF2 where you can mod the games flags and things to look canadian. I.E: Instead of having the regular flag for the buff banner, you can have a soviet flag.

 Damn, I didn't think there were. Which is annoying, cause the Canadians actually did stuff in WW2..

Yea, its probably because most of the game companies are from the U.S.A and some parts of Asia. Since they are from those areas, most historic games focus on the history of their country. It's probably because they were educated the most about their own troops. Sadly, it doesn't seem they are coming out with Grand Theft Mounty or Call of Duty: Canadian Warfare anytime soon (no offense, just a joke.) Maybe if you wrote to them requesting a game including Canadian troops they could work something out? Infinity Ward is sure to mess it up though ( Haha.)

I swear there was a Call of Duty early on that let you play as some Canadian infantry.