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Any "Cheap-Duinos" based on the ATMega1280/1281/2561 MCUs? Answered

Hi there. I'm using a Arduino Mega-1280 in a project, and am wanting to "free it up" for other things. I see that there are a number of cheap-duino replacements here and other places
(ie; https://www.instructables.com/id/Perfboard-Hackduino-Arduino-compatible-circuit/), but I haven't found any that specifically incorporate the ATMega1280/1281/2561. Basically, I'm needing all four of the hardware UARTs this family of MCUs provide, without reverting to interrupt-driven, software-based serial I/O it's predicesors utilize, having the extra memory certainly doesn't hurt either.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions, links, etc!





Has the schematic and board files to make your own. Really it only needs a few connections to 'turn on' - the rest is up to you.