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Any Club-Mate drinkers out there in the NYC area? Answered

It is being imported from Germany special for anyone that may want the high caffeine drink Club-Mate. For those familiar with it from overseas, you may post as to your like/dislikes of the beverage and what you think about it overall.

This link was the first I got wind of this and forgot to mention it before or forgot that I DID mention it before?



9 years ago

Ooooooo! I think I'd rather have the yellow crate. :D


9 years ago

I'm not in the NY area and I don't drink just wanted to stop by and say hi, neat article.

I just discovered, with lemonie's help, that this is not a malted drink, but a bottled TEA (Yerbe tea to be exact), so it's name is taken from that. It is fairly high in caffeine and very low in carbs, making it a perfect high energy drink (if one did not have to import it from Germany......which ups the price a wee bit :-)

Lemonie also pointed me in the direction of a good ible on Yerbe Mate tea :-)

It's beer with caffeine in it? Are you being irresponsible or informative? L

It is a malt extract meaning it shouldn't have any but a minute bit of alcohol left in it. It is a popular hacker drink because of it's high caffeine content and it's super low carbohydrate content. Gives you the motivation to keep moving, without making you fat :-)
The low sugar content makes it much superior to the Monster drinks (and other caffeinated sodas) .

Ah, I was thinking of the people in the office talking about the ill-effects of vodka & Red Bull - this looks like a crate of beer. Thanks for putting me right on that.


I can't find much on the stuff at all

Apparently it was a BIG favorite at the Last HOPE conference in NYC this past year from what I've heard. It also seems rather difficult to get hold of from what they were saying about it. :-)

I can find references in German pages, but nothing UK. Which considering our proximity to Germany is a bit odd. L

It's a mate tea drink, not malt - but I can't find anywhere outside of Germany selling it...


Indeed, and the one place I linked to in my original post, was only importing enough to distribute TODAY (7/18/09) but looking to bring in more later. I saw one post elsewhere on someone importing it in Baltimore, MD. But that was it.

Oh, and yes, I just found out that too, named after Yerba Mate, the tea it is made from, right?

Thanks for that, it looks interesting.