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Any Idea how to get this instructable featured? Answered

I need some ideas how to make this instructable better and featured, feel free to criticize it.


I have 23 featured Instructables.

I can tell you the one thing that gets an Instructable featured is new and interesting.

The more interesting and different the better your chances of being featured.

Then good picks and writing.

There appears to be little wrong with your writing and your picks are good.

I find the subject interesting and there are not a lot of Instructables on the subject.


Unfortunately it's not all that interesting. The layout of the arduino is hap hazard at best and you use wires bridging across the top of the board rather than a nice clean solder bridge across the contacts on the bottom of the board. Not to mention its just one of dozens of DIY Arduino projects. Overall all it looks like it was just thrown together with vary little planning. It's also not a vary useful DIY Arduino since you have no place to easily connect other things to the I/O pins.

So redo the project. Look at the many other DIY Arduino projects to there. Spend some time thinking about the layout. You can place all the parts around the chip and near enough that it's even more compact then you have it. It will also make it easier to use solder bridges across the bottom to keep the final product cleaner. Get yourself some header pins so you can connect other items to it and do more than blink and LED. If all you want to do is blink and LED then make a 555 board. Don't edit what you already have. Start a whole new instructable.

I had to make bridges over the board because I always tend to burn the board over time if I make connections below. Maybe I would etch a PCB later and solder the components on it. I was trying to make the tutorial as simple as I can.

The blink video is just to show that the board works, I'm working on a seven segment display using this board and I would post it up on instructables in a few days.


Solder bridges are forbidden in professional practice. I'd not accept a prototype delivered with "blobs", they damage the board, and they are unreliable.