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Any Idea's for empty coke bottles? Answered

I have recently been gathering lots of empty plastic coca-cola bottles but for no particular purpose, anyone got an awesome idea of what I could do with them?


one idea would be to use them for bottling your own home made rootbeer.

Make a raft, see the world. Here, there is a 5 cent bottle deposit you can get back for each bottle recycled.  You might be able to save up enough to get a nice shiny arduino.

Here it's a 25 Euro-cent deposit per bottle. Good: no bottles in the environment. Bad: no 'free' bottles for making things.

The odd thing is, same plastic bottle used for carbonated drinks is used for non-carbonated drinks like iced tea or sports water. They don't "tax" those. It wasn't too long ago they started the deposit on bottled water. It has proliferated a class of people that do go scavenging into everyone's trash to collect unredeemed bottles. A sign of desparation for the weak economy.

Lol, you guys.

I've used them to make tree trunks, or sculpting supports. Usually just heat up the plastic, then pull, push, stretch into shape. Seconds out of the heat it hardens up, much stronger than it was (because the plastic shrinks in, gets thicker). It works fairly well.

You can also form molds for chocolate, candies, gummies, plaster, etc. Just lay a piece of the bottle over the form and heat it up, it'll drop over and sink into the form. Just use a much larger piece, as it shrinks. You can use a toothpick or something to push it into difficult places.

Obviously, be careful with hot plastic, it will burn the crap out of your skin, and if it's really hot, it'll stick to your skin, you can't get it off or you'll rip your skin off as you do. So, yeah, stay safe.

There are also lots of people cutting the bottles up, into strips and such, using the pieces to form elaborate sculptures and works of art. Flowers, animals, people, various objects...etc.

Along the same lines, I've seen pieces of bottles used to fill molds. Heat the bottle until molten and pour into mold. Or pour it into water to make random blobs. Makes interesting shapes and colours, good paper weights or "objects d'art" on a desk or shelf. Molten plastic dripped over a form can work well also, seen a couple neat examples of that, somewhere.

Sorry I don't have links. It's not really my thing, but a google search should yield results.

I go through a whole lot of coke zero on a daily basis, so I'd be interested to what ever anyone comes up with.

Build a greenhouse?

Launch a lot of rockets?