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Any Maple alternatives? Answered

I need a something that plots graphs (three-dimensional is better), solves differential equations and counts integrals - Maple would be ideal - plus I think that learning to use it is a nice constructive thing to do in the summer before starting university, but it costs a lot more than I can painlessly pay... 
Any ideas? Probably some older versions are free or cheap, or there are any other programs?
I looks like I'm only going to use it in the summer as they probably should give something to students...

To be more specific, I'm trying to learn GTR and calculate some geodesics.


There are a fair few OSS offerings like Octave which come some of the way.

I don't know of a good alternative, but have you checked the MapleSoft website to apply for a 30 day evaluation copy? (It's not an automatic download).

The other option is to check with Student Aid, and/or see if you can get a grant or even an early loan. A single student license is $99 ($129 shipped). So it might be worth a try. Each year there are different grants awarded to specific fields (among other grants), and there's usually one's specific to math, engineering etc. Plus, if you need more than the Student edition such as the Engineering Bundle, Calculus Bundle or the Math Survival Bundle, you can always upgrade when you get closer to classes in the Fall.