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Any abandoned/decaying buildings in the detroit area? Answered

I have been really intrested in going and taking some picture/exploring some older buildings in the detroit area but only know about 3 most of which are ones that know are either hard to get into or have more problems if you get caught..so any buildings at all that aren't just rundown houses.


.  I entered "abandoned/decaying buildings in the detroit" into the Google search box and when I hit the return key I got all sorts of interesting (and pertinent) info.

Any such building has "problems if you get caught". They're all still private property, and the liability issues are Really Nasty so the owners are inclined to throw the book at you to keep others from trespassing. And there's always the risk that they've been taken over by drug labs or others who would be perfectly willing to abuse you mightily rather than have information about them leak out. If you can't get permission, and don't want to get in trouble (and would prefer not to get injured), stay out.