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Any advice on a battery to power a podium lectern for 1-2 hours? Answered

I recently bought an Amplivox Executive Column Lectern. Previous podiums I have used also had a battery option, but this one only has an AC cord with no battery option (I called their customer service with this question). My question to the group is what options do I have for a battery to run into the AC cord? The podium has a 150W amplifier. (link to site: http://www.ampli.com/lecterns-and-podiums/505A-Executive-Adjustable-Column-Lectern.aspx)


Not many, if it has to drive the AC cord, you need a 12V battery, and a minimum of 150W inverter to run the mains.

Thank you, steveastrouk. Would anyone else be able to elaborate on the full setup I would require? Thanks!

If we assume that you really do need a 150W amp, running flat out, it will need something like 200W continuous from the battery and inverter. 200W@12V is 17Amps, and to run for 2 hours, we need a minimum of 34aH battery, and then double that to allow for wear on the battery, so you need around an 80Ah battery.Something like this


would be nicest.

exactly, although perhaps lower power ratings. Inverters are most efficient when well loaded.

That's a better match to your load. Go for it.

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Thanks for all your help. Lastly, how would I charge the battery after a full cycle, and monitor the battery's capacity as it changes over usage?

The sizing I chose for your battery means this thing should be good for several years, because the worst case loading is absolute maximum volume for two hours, which is very unlikely. Occasionally discharging the battery deeper than that is not too bad, but don't make a habit of it.

You should just use an off-the-shelf charger, probably like this:


This should charge you in around 10 hours, which is a comfortable rate, and again won't age your battery like over-rapid charging will. It will also switch to "trickle charge" which will balance the battery and keep it well conditioned.

Get in the habit of charging after use !