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Any body ever tried building a cell phone network repeater? Answered

Hey has anyone ever tried building a cell phone network booster/repeater? A wireless one. I tried looking around online but just been getting Marketing stuff nothing which you could actually sit and construct yourself. May be using an old access point or something! I am not that too good with Radio circuits so looking for help to be able to try and make something really cool in my spare time. :)



9 years ago

I think thats kind of a tricky one, i covered the basic topology of cell networks in a course the other year, from what i can remember each "cell" in the phone network operates on one of 14 different frequency to prevent adjoining cells from interfering with each other, so as you physically pass from one "cell" to the next the mobile phone hops onto another frequency.

This means any booster would have to hop from frequency to frequency as you move around, which makes things considerably complex.

Don't take the above as fact, i didn't pay much attention in that course ;) I've no doubt it can be done, it might just be allot more complicated than it seems, and maybe a bit too much work for a spare time project.

Another way to go might be to construct a "passive" booster such as a more directional antenna for the phone:

I will try and find out more about passive booster. I am sure this is not going to be a small and simple project. I might possibly learn a few things! :)

. Try Googling "cell phone network booster +schematic" or "cell phone network booster +DIY". Or "cell phone network repeater +schematic" or "cell phone network repeater +DIY". Maybe drop "network".

Thanx for replying. Have been searching google a lot. But thanx for useful keywords. The only problem is as I said I am not that good with understanding of mobile networks but I will definitely try to get something. And if I am successful with my project I will definitely share it here.