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Any body know how to flirt with a girl(like stuff to say)? Answered

Ok...my girlfriend thinks i could be more flirty...i guess that means i need to flirt more...anythin will work...romantic and perverted and funny


Well you don't need to be more flirty just give more complements...

The trick with compliments is that you can't pile them on or the girl will get tired of them. The key is letting some time pass between them. So for example don't give her 20 compliments in an hour because she will get sick of it.

So stretch it out over the course of the day. 4-5 will do I think.

Also try to suprise her with it. For example you open the door to let her in and you look visibly stunned (don't overact it ;) ) and say "could you be anymore beautiful?" it will catch her by suprise and she'll be very happy. You'll know that it has worked if she immediatly gets a smile on her face as you say it.

But don't try to hard or it will immediatly be clear your faking it. So try to compliment as the situation dictates. Something in the sense of your going shopping and she comes out in a dress and she asks you how it looks. And you respond with a "the dress looks good on you but you make the dress look fabulous" (This is going on the edge off overacting)

So in short: don't overdo it, don't overact it, let some time pass between compliments, try to suprise her and let them come as the situation fits (so no complimenting her hair if she asks about her butt ;) )

also if you have that certain type off girlfriend don't try to follow in the traps like "how does my hair look?" "it looks good" "Oh it didn't look good before?"
But this will probably indicate you didn't something wrong earlier ;) try to find it.

Hope it helped,


if there is a connection, flirt like this:
girl has striking features, Eyes, compliment them, but dont go creepy

girl has pretty shoes, then tell her she has nice shoes, she will Love that,

girl looks attractive compliment,

but the truth is.
Generalizing about how to flirt is a mega mistake, women want to be treated as individuals.
it only sounds hard and dont worry. it is, only a little. but treat a woman well.
and show her respect. and there isnt much flirting that needs to be done.

Rule out Pickup lines. she isnt a bilboard she doesnt need to know how street you are. she wants to know about you.

dont lie.
Dont swear.

I think the proper response to a request like that is "I'd like to be. Teach me?"

.  What she means is that you aren't giving her enough compliments. Try to make a point of telling her how nice she is, how much you like her, how pretty she is, &c.


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