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Any chances of repairing an unwilling 2.5 inch hardisk? Answered

I have an 2.5" external harddisk which is unwilling to really start. A few clicks when starting up and a blinking green led on the hardrives casebox, but no communication between disk and laptop. It's a Samsung 40Gb disk, so called Spinpoint MP0402H. Has anyone tried to open a harddisk and succesfully got it running again? I know I should not open it, to keep dust out. But it's only for once, just to get my valuable data off the disk. What appreciate positive experiences. Regards, Jaco de Graaf



9 years ago

Clicking is bad. Very bad. It's probably toast.

The internals of that drive will be ridiculously tiny. I don't think you would be able to fix it, even if you knew what was wrong. Plus, the drives are air-tight. Dust will contaminate it and ruin it further.