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Any cures for a jumpy laptop touchpad (HP easynote)? Answered

When I'm using the laptop, there's an issue with the touchpad for the mouse, it quite often goes absolutely mental at my touch, I've tried cleaning it, washing my hands... I can't find any correlation with the problem, it'll work fine for hours and then it'll suddenly decide I can't do anything sensibly...

It's an HP easynote TJ68, however my brother's Hp, not the same model but very similar has zero issues... So not sure what the score is at all... 


I am not familiar with that particular laptop.

However, speaking generally about "touchy" laptop touchpads...
There often exists a software driver for the touchpad hardware, and this driver will have checkboxes, and maybe some sliders, to sort of customize the response of the touchpad.   For example there may be a checkbox for something called "Tapping", which interprets subtle *bump* *bump* finger motion as "clicks" or "double clicks", etc.    On every laptop I've ever touched, the touchpad "Tapping" feature wascompletely spastic, and also redundant, considering the touchpad usually had some physical actual right-and-left buttons too.  Naturally the sane thing to do, is to disable "Tapping"

One important note:  You won't be able to tweak the touchpad driver if it is not installed. 

Forgive me if all this seems very obvious.

Was looking for more specific info for your laptop, but couldn't find it in the places I expected to find it, here:

Nor here:

But you may have better luck with those resources, provided you can find your laptop's "secret name", I mean the one that the automated support recognizes.

Tapping's off, I've fiddled with the settings already, it was unusable before tweaking them in the first place, I'd not have posted with out exploring that...

Right.  Too easy.  Maybe the connector to the touchpad is loose?  You said "it'll work fine for hours and then it'll suddenly..." 

Of course taking apart the laptop to get to take out the touchpad and examine it, I mean that's laptop surgery, and that sort of activity requires skill, finesse, and courage! 

Anyway, you know better than me whether or not you are prepared to take apart your laptop.  BTW, if you were really good, you could secretly swap out your touchpad with your brother's, provided its the same touchpad,  without him noticing that you did it.

Back to obvious stuff:  installing a external mouse might allow you to bypass the buggy touchpad, without laptop surgery, if it get's to be really annoying.

I have the answer - it's the damned charger, if it's fully charged then the mouse goes mad on anything but high performance when the charger's plugged in. 

It isn't my laptop, just been using it a lot, so I'll probably have to go with the mouse option - I'll try reinstalling the pad driver and manually set it up, if it persists it's under warranty anyway, plus I'd probably get carried away and start fiddling if the thing was to come apart...

Cheers Jack...

I would guess its software - is the computer bogged down at times?

My home computer my wife uses is totally globbed with crap, and needs a reformat soon.  Any mouse occasionally goes haywire, uncontrollable every now and then.

Otherwise - the touchpad is toast, and you need to replace it.