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Any good ideas on how to carve out a few tree stumps into jack o lanterns? Answered



The make a blade for an angle grinder that looks like a chain saw in a circle. It's about 4" in dia. it is much more controllable and safer than a chain saw. Besides it make a lot less noise.


You might have to buy direct from them because they are fairly specialized tools (I use them for timberframing and log work) and they really aren't that safe (I've seen a few nasty injuries) so my local lumberyards/tool stores won't sell them. I also use chainsaws though, and the KAT tools are much more controllable and precise than the chainsaw.

Now those look interesting.


8 years ago

To get the initial hole in the middle, you could try burning it out, like how native americans made dugout canoes. Then for the features, draw them on with pencils and drill one hole on the line, then take a saw and cut the rest of the feature out, or drill the whole feature out.