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Any iPod Shuffle Gen 2 Mods yet? Answered

I won a iPod Shuffle Gen 2.0 in a local Photography contest, and was wondering if anyone has come up with mods for it. I've seen the travel case, very creative, but I'm looking to hack the actually player, and not just to hook it up to headphones or USB. Yeah, I'm a bit picky ;-). Also, is there anything of worth inside the iPod after say, the battery doesn't charge up anymore?


You could put Linux on it.... ;) I've got one of them too, but I already have a Creative Zen Vision: M. Hacks for the shuffle would be nice... You could always make a nice remote control for it. I've seen mods where waving a gloved hand controls the volume, tracks, play, and pause. (I can't find the link now.. : /)

You could always replace the battery. Did that for a mini and it works better than when it was new.