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Any idea how to build a 12V iron box??? Answered

I'm coordinating a community upraising project in Kenya, and we're doing green energie workshop as well as re-use of plastic bags by fusing them so we're looking for a green way to do it... 12V Iron box would be perfect...
Thx for your consideration.


12 DC Solar Powered Iron Box .
Rural customers  can now iron your clothes  hussle free anywhere, anytime  without having to depend on electricity .Our DC solar iron box ensures your customers smart  everywhere they go enabling them cut monthly power bills by up to 75% using our high quality portable solar powered DC iron box. Highly recommended for residential users focusing on cutting down on high power bills, tailors, remote camping sites e.t.c.

Product Specifications.

Works with both car and solar batteries or can also be connected directly to a minimum 60W solar panel during the day.
Automatic temperature control system.
Material: ABS body and aluminum base plate preventing staining the clothes as its normal with AC boxes.
With 3 meters copper cable and clamps.
Red power indicating light.
Dry use only.
Power: 150W 12V
Working Temperatures: 70-150 degrees celcius
Minimum battery size for better performance is 45Ah solar /car battery.
Lasts 4 hrs on a 45AH battery,8hrs on a 70 Ah battery and 12hrs on a 100Ah and 24 hrs on a 200AH  Car/Solar Battery based on continuous ironing.
Minimum 60W panel is recommended for use.

Ironing your clothes has now been made possible anytime anywhere using the power of the Sun.

PRICE: $26
Kindly find herein attached product sample pictures .



Kennedy Lamwenya
Angaza Boma
Tel. +254725055887
E.    Kennedy.lamwenya@angaza-kenya.co.ke

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You could make a small metal box Make circles of Nichome wire add a Aluminium piece ontop Inside another metal box add a 12 v car battery or any current and it will heat up very hot and very quickly .

(this is how i made an oven for my shed)

How about using solar to heat a metal bar ?