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Any idea of how to repair a gramophone spring? Answered

 I bought a wind up  gramophone the other day, but when I try to wind it up it never get to the point when you notice that it's fully wind up. And while you try to wind it up sometimes you can hear a heavy spring noise, so I guess is the spring that is broken. This Columbia gramophone seams to have to springs. I saw a video of how to remove the spring but not to sure of how is suppose to be repair. Any help will be deeply appreciated.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Springs for Columbias are available for most models.  Without having it here in front of me it's hard to tell what might be wrong.  It may be broken on either end.  The seat may be broken in which case the hub or frame is broken and not the spring.  I t may just be disconnected and all you have to do is reconnect it.

You said you have a video on how to take it out and that's just about what you'll have to do.  At least far enough to tell what's the problem.

Good luck.

 Ok! I took it a part. It has 2 springs, one of them was broken at the end of the spring so I made a hole on the spring and on the frame to hold the sprint, that one works perfect know.

But the other spring was fine, the problem is the spring seat on the hub, it is broken. Any idea what can I do about it? Will it be possible to buy the seat? (it does screw in the hub?

It might be possible.  Google "Columbia gramophone parts" and see if you can find one.  You may have to build or adapt one.  It sounds promising.

 Thank you so much for the answer, I'm going to take it apart know and see whats the problem.