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Any idea on how to bypass Iboss Webfilter on Mac OS? Challenge! Answered

My computer teacher gave us a challenge: our school used to have filters on most of it's computers, but they were taken down and replaced with something else. As a challenge, our computer teacher re-installed it on some computers and told us to try to get through it. I have had little success, my most promising moment being with a glitch in Firefox, that soon fixed itself and ruined my only gateway. To win the challenge, You have to get onto Facebook, myspace, and twitter, all of which are on the blacklist. Once there, you must post into a specific profile. You must do this three separate times, to illustrate that it can be done more than once. I know it is possible, because two other kids in the class have managed it, but I simply have no idea.

The program is Iboss Webfilter by Phantom Technologies, and all of our computers are pretty new Macs. We have access on our computers to Firefox, Safari, Seamonkey, Camino, and Omniweb browsers. All proxy websites are blocked by the webfilter program. All firefox abilities are enabled though.

Any and all suggestions or help is appreciated, If we pass the challenge, we get an automatic 100% in the class, because we have probably the coolest computer teacher ever.

If anyone can give me a good solution that works, they get a patch!


sigh... you would think people would figure this out by now... To get past any firewall you need an app that already has granted permissions. You will install the same application again to "trick" the computer inyo thinking iys the same one. Only this time you put the install path to ur usb or some other porable storage. Go into the files and create a script to run commands within the app. It will not be blocked since it is granted privileges.

There are protected apps but I'm sure u can get around that ;). If not you can try a "lucky patch."

one way that ive found that ive heard works for iBoss. This worked with the M86 filter my school had. But what you do is install a p@@xy on a computer thats "off network" so like your home computer. then log on to the IP address of that installed system from the school computer. It may or may not work with iBoss.

P.S. iBoss filters and blocks ALL URLs with the deadly "p@@xy" word.
Goodluck. I personally will be doing this method next week to help my school improve security :)