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Any idea on how to make a camera kind of "eye" for arduino? Answered

Any idea on how to make a camera kind of "eye" for arduino?
And NO, I don't want to connect Arduino to a PC nor a laptop.

Well, not a actually camera since:
1. no way arduino can process video stream.
2. all I need is a way for arduino to know if anything in front of it (about 90~120 degree field, around 3m distance) has moved or changed, and know where the change is in term of a simple x&y coordinate.

So instead of camera view, its more like a radar kind of view I need (the thing we see on movie that have submarine )

All I can think of is to use a huge amount of IR range finder(which only have 1.5m distance :\  ) or Ultrasonic range finder(which can't focus to one point :\  ), and arrange them so they a point outward from the same center (kinda like how old time TV work), so each range finder work like a pixel on the screen for arduino. (I don't need to display it, I just need Arduino to know where the change of environment is)

So anyone have a better idea or better device suggestion than what I have?
Even something that can only detect 1 axle will be better than the range finder solution.


===================================Update 1=================================
While searching for new sensor other than the one I mentioned, I came across this>>>

According to the seller: "Camera sensor generates image data which is then processed real-timely by control board and displayed on the screen.", Atmega 32 have the power to process video in real-time?

So is it possible to use arduino to process image data?  I mean by adding some filter to the image, filter out anything other than the moving part, and find the position of the moving object.  Is that even possible with the power of Arduino?

However with the price of that shield, I can just buy an old Google G1 phone to connect to Arduino and use Android camera to capture the video, process the image data, and send the movement's coordinate to arduino.

Just want to find something simpler than adding a extra "brain" (Android) that I need to learn how to program xp.


Simplest solution is perhaps a Wiimote and bluetooth interface - they are designed to track IR sources and tell you where two blobs are in their field of view.

Will the IR sensor in Willmote be able to track body heat kind of IR?

It might.

You didn't say that was part of your problem.

idealy, i want to track anything that 'move' in the envirement of about 3m square area. its the envirement change im interested in, i do state that in the question, 100% for sure.

Its basically an IR sensor, which should work since the "change" i mention will most likely be human.
The problem is, its still one pixel, which means I still a lot of this working together to tell the Arduino where the change or movement is, like the range finder :\
Also, IR sensor have a big problem working as pixel, they are hard to focus to one point like IR range finder, which make marking the position of change really hard.