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Any idea what bike this is? Answered

I got this bike at a thrift store today for 3 bucks, in this condition, but I found no websites or pictures about it on the internet. Anyone have an idea? It says "Olympian 10-speed," and on the front, "Performance Tested, Shucks"




Best Answer 6 years ago

Its just a rebadged Huffy bicycle. They were sold through the Schuck's Auto Parts chain stores.

Alright, Thanks! Good thing I didn't pay TOO much for it!

Hold on man. Never knock a bike till you kill it or get your $ out of it. I don't care if its a MAGNA (did I say that out loud?). My point is.... How many miles did you not walk? ON A SIDE NOTE: My best friend (temporarily) stole my GT from me because I had a "temporary" MAGNA rim with a Schwalbe tire on it ............. Yea, It was my fault!