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Any ideas about how I might be able to take a fan remote and use a sonic screwdriver in place of it? Answered

Ok, so I accidentally broke my fan remote trying to put in the battery, luckily, it was only the contact to the battery that was busted and the rest of the chip is completely intact. Anyways, I was wondering if I could somehow take the parts from the broken fan remote and sort of put them into the toy sonic screwdriver(doctor who toy rod)? In the pictures, you can see the plastic screwdriver is somewhat disassembled so just tell me if any ideas whatsoever pop up.



5 years ago

I'm pretty sure that sonic screwdrivers are already automatically compatible.

i just found this, and have to say a sonic screwdriver remote is a great idea, hope it worked out for you.

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I just wanted to say...this is the best question I've heard in a while. XD

I think that a project box with a built-in battery compartment is a better idea. They're not that expensive. See http://www.allelectronics.com/make-a-store/item/1593-PBK/PROJECT-BOX-2.6-X-3.6-X-1.1/1.html

Carefully cut the the button section off the board, remove solder from buttons and buttons from board, drill 5 holes in screwdriver and hot glue buttons in place, remove battery section from board just below the capacitor, scrape back a small amount of coating from all the button and battery circuits on the cut down board solder thin wire to board and match them up to the buttons and a small battery in handle, it is do-able, but it may look like spaghetti junction inside when complete....

i don't even know if this idea is going to work in your plastic housing, but you can only fit that mircochip in that housing by bending tha plastic using electric stove or fire. but if your using fire,BEWARE !!! you must heat it only presicly and moderately to the area that you want it to bend. OR YOU CAN USE A HEAT GUN instead !!! heat gun have a stable heat than fire !! i done this before in my christmas landthern project, it was a lanthern only made in plastic bottle,garland and glue stick !!!

those are usualy not that expensive one of the Dr. Who fanatics at school has one

to answer your question i would attach blades to the part that spins. via superglue

Envy! I saw a newer sonic screwdriver for sale, but it was too expensive. I never thought about putting a remote in it, that's genius. As for THAT remote, I don't think that there is any way to make it fit. If you were really good with electronics, you could figure out the codes for the remote, and build your own, but that's a lot of work.

It appears that the remote is physically much wider than the housing, so it's pretty unlikely that you can stuff the remote inside. it looks like a complicated circuit board and if you sliced it to fold it you probably wouldn't be able to bridge the traces and make it work again. Look for a slightly larger housing.

I would agree that folding the pcb would be necessary -- with any luck its single sided and you would only have to chop the button section off.