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Any ideas for a 'Future and Space' themed costume? Answered

It's for a school party four weeks from now. I'm thinking of going as an alien, and I have an awesome piece of fabric, now I'm wondering how to sew it into an alien costume. Any other 'Future and Space' related ideas are also welcome!


Bath Towel.

Go as Pluto and make a big deal of your Planet vs. Planetoid vs. Plutonic Body identity crisis. Make a sleek silvery "tail" and go as a comet. Go as a Mars Rover. Mix your super-fabiric with some military surplus and go as Major Tom (unless this David Bowie reference is to out of date?). Dress as one of the characters from "Firefly" (Inara, if you can pull it off :).

  • Wear a pair of colourful dungarees and go as Mork.
  • Wrap yourself in an emergency blanket, go as a sixties-SciFi astronaut.
  • Wear a suit and sunglasses - MIB
  • Tie a piece of flesh-coloured thread around the tips of your ears to make them pointed - go as a Vulcan.
  • Use an eyebrow pencil to draw lines across the bridge of your nose, go as a Bajoran.
  • Go as Robot.