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Any ideas for a cheap DIY brochure holder? Answered

I need to re-use something as a brochure holder but I don't want it too pricey or cool so that it gets stolen! Any advice is welcome!


Make your brochures their own box. See my instructable: make your own boxes! Recycle some cardboard, make a box that fits perfectly, 2 problems solved. Cman

cut an angle across an orange juice carton that has been rinsed very well it is waterproof and you could screw it to something to hold it it could be painted for a better look as well

You can go to places like www.displayspot.com and get them for around a dollar something each and even add your logo.

True... but you can make your own and be creative. Plus you were going to drink the OJ anyway, right?

Rip off the US Government! Use Flat Rate boxes!

... Ok, fine... You can use used flat rate boxes...

I usually lay my brochures down flat, in a wicker or plastic basket. I just go to the dollar store with one of the brochures and find a basket that it fits in. Some of the wicker baskets I've found are such a perfect fit it's like they were made for it. You might also try craft wire. It's very easy to bend into a 3d structure. Just think about the basic outline of the object you want to build and piece together the edges and corners, making a frame. Then fill in the "walls" with colored yarn, paper, or more wire. It's not easy to explain without pictures, but you could learn the process easily by grabbing a roll of craft wire and playing with it for an hour.