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Any ideas for a school celebration toy/souvenir? Answered

Every year we have a "School birthday" party with the whole school decorated with well-known and funny quotes (Star Wars, Sherlock Holmes, Alice in Wonderland, Master and Margarita, etc), some sort of act, games, tea, sweets, oranges, lots of former graduates, chatting, different competitions and a bit of dancing.
We sometimes have something resembling souvenirs: somebody prints notebooks with a funny school drawing on it, or even T-shirts, but last year I decided to make a smaller, but somehow more join-the-fun ones: I brought about 200 prepared floaties (not inflated), which all went away like hot pies. 
You can play volleyball-like games with them, carry them in the dark winter streets, make them produce an awful noise and take them home as a present for a younger brother or sister, so that he or she doesn't feel so left out.
I'd like to make something similar, but I don't want to repeat last year. Also it needs to  be a cheap project, that is quite quick to make...
Any ideas?
I still have loads of time, the big day is the first Saturday of February. 



6 years ago

There is something about Master and Margarita that is well known? I thought I was the only person on Earth who had read that.

Well, I'm in Russia, and it is VERY famous here. Not that everyone loves it and reads it (though I rather like it), but it is always being discussed, put in and out of the school literature program, sometimes they say it is too difficult and philosophical to be discussed in a class with twenty stupid 16-17 year-olds, and right afterwards they make some idiotic series almost in prime time.

So somehow the funniest of quotes are rather well known. I think it's a bit like Alice - I never managed to read it all, but can recognize most of the quotes...

Huh. Well, here in America, no one seems to have heard of it. I read it first when i was 10, and have read it twice since then. It is a great book. I suppose there are certain cultural things I didn't understand, as it confused me a bit.

I think its just a book that confuses people...

Actually, I though about Poong sticks, but if a hundred of those will be flying in a crumpered school corridor, I'm going to be KILLED right afterwards.

Maybe have a few to demonstrate, and then sell lollypop sticks marked up to become Poong sticks?

You could print (laser-engrave?) whatever information you like on the stick, including lines for the purchaser to trim along when they got home.

Well, actually, I didn't want to sell them, just to spread them around... And still, I can't learn to throw them properly :(

No shame in admitting that sometimes I have good ideas... ;-)