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Any ideas for achieving a Bakelite appearance? Answered

Hey guys.

So I'm in love with Bakelite, but not with the price of the raw material. I also want to form my own projects with a Bakelite aesthetic and don't want to deal with shaping such a fragile material. My question is: does anybody know of a recipe for making Bakelite? I also don't have much in the way of workspace or tools, which I'm guessing makes the manufacture of real Bakelite rather difficult.

Because of this I'm willing to settle for something that isn't Bakelite but has a similar appearance. Any ideas about how this can be achieved? I've thought of maybe adding sawdust, dye, and finely ground plastic into clear resin, but I'm not sure if that would really look like what I want. What do you guys think?


Start with http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bakelite

which leads to looking at http://forum.ramanon.com/printthread.php?t=32113 for pattern ideas (or if scraps of paper bag could be used).

Sign up on this Antique radio forum.  Ask this question there.  Some one there can give you the answer to this question since they repair and rebuild all kinds of radio cabinets, Bakelite included.


8 years ago

I have made some fairly decent looking repairs in Bakelite by grinding dark brown sidewalk chalk into powder and mixing it with 5 minute epoxy. You might be able to do something similar with casting resin.