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Any ideas for an "in mouth" voice mangler (NOT electronic)? Answered

I want to make scary inhuman sounds as part of a costume. So I can't hold things up to my face or use any electronics.
Has anyone got any ideas?
(Other than me ending up with a sore throat from screeching unnatural sounds.)

I'm thinking of something like a whistle I can bite/hold with my lips and blow through but whistling isn't very scary and most whistles don't work in reverse.
Or like when you trap a blade of grass taut in between your thumbs and blow, but would need to be "manufactured" so I don't need to hold my hands up.


What you need is what a punch and judy puppeteer uses to make Punchs voice -
How to make one here

a http://www.punchandjudy.com/swazzlecoombs.htm

better instructions here


Awesome. Thanks, that first article was great at explaining the ideas about changing the sizes etc, but I still had no idea what it should look like. the second one had images, which was perfect.
Looking at the images, the swazzle is just like the grass blade in between the thumbs but longer lasting.

Right :-) Ah, how my head is full of irrelevant things!

I assume this will involve a good bit of face makeup. If that is the case then find a way to incorporate a small mic into your face makeup. Run the wires from the mic along your face and to a set of voice modulating electronics. The mic and wires can be hidden inside a large scar or other monstrous appendage.