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Any ideas for new ball machine elements/lifts/path separators? Answered

Hi everybody!

About one month ago I started the construction of a new ball machine.
I'm not gonna tell anything about it yet, so don't ask for details ;)

Well, I'm not making this topic just to make you courious.
At the moment I'm out of inspiration.
Do you have any new ideas for new elements/lifts/path seperators?
The machine allready took approx 1/3 of all my parts, so I can still make it much higher.

All ideas are welcome and will be considered




That's allready designed by this (great) knex builder:


But if it didn't exist yet it would be a good idea :)

I have seen a couple mechanisms on ball powered toys one was like a weighted teeter totter, a ball would role onto the end of the teeter totter, when the weight of the ball was on the end of the teeter totter, that end would go down blocking the next ball and letting the ball role off the end of the teeter totter onto a different rail. The other one worked like a clock pendulum doing basically the same thing.

I think you should try to make some sort of ski lift to carry the balls. As for separators, I haven't see a pin field ball separator in a long time. Maybe you could make a smaller version of Elap's pin field that he used in his amusement machine.