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Any ideas for things to do when I'm bored? Answered

I have a couple hours of free time after school and want to know what to do with it besides sit on the computer. Or jobs. Or study for school. I get straight A's :D



What about taking some classes to do things you haven't tried before?

If you like to eat, you need to learn to cook. So take a cooking class and then cook for your family once and awhile would be nice.

How about taking First Aid Classes? One day you may be needed to save a friend or a family member, and knowing what to do would be helpful.

You could take swimming lessons and get certified as a life guard. This would come in handy come summer time when you need a job...

You could learn pottery, sewing, crochet, knitting, weaving, metal work or wood working. You could learn to play a new instrument like a guitar, or learn a new language. Take up a new sport like rock climbing or martial arts or even just a self-defence class.

You could also earn some money by delivering newspapers, or babysitting, helping out at a day care, or tutor other students who are having trouble since you are bright enough to get straight A's.

There's more to do than you think. You just need to utilize that imagination!


6 years ago

Are your parents bored? Have you ever seen them bored? Have they ever said they are bored? More than likely they don't have enough time in their day to even do what they need to do. Probably they are often exhausted because of the time they have to spend taking care of you and providing for your needs. Here is a novel idea, try a see if you can take less of their time for your needs. You can do that by doing more of the things that you can do to take care of yourself. Then if they ever reach that point that they are bored because they have nothing to do you can all go do something together because you all worked towards a common goal, being happy as a family.
Whenever you find yourself with nothing to do, just ask them what you can do to help, its a family type of thing to do. Once they get over the shock and awe of the first few times of you asking you will be surprised at how much fun it is to actually work with someone towards a common goal.

what if its raining outside and your home alone grounded from friends Xbox TV and your ipod

See if you can find the instructable for Epic Toy Battle. Also, biking around town has it's wonder as well.

You say "I am bored" I say "your lacking imagination creativity and drive"

Answer work on those things.

The things YOU think up are a lot more interesting in the long run than the things others think will be interesting for you.

This younger generation constantly complains that is bored. I don't remember being bored when I was a child. I explored a nearby park and pretended to be soldiers or explorers. I rode my bike, tried to learn to ride skateboard and rollerblades (unsuccessfully). Swam, played basketball, baseball, volleyball, had a chemistry set until I made my whole room smell like sulfur. I made bird houses, telescopes, periscopes, a telegraph, I played with a shortwave radio that an uncle gave me as a gift. I read so many books that I lost count. And I could continue.

Make an instructable, get a job, mow the lawn... Etc. ;)

maybe watch T.V. or like think of a new instructable for instructables and then make it!

Teach yourself to knit or crochet. There's lots of great tutorials online, as well as library books, free patterns at places like Hobby Lobby, etc.

There's also a great community of yarn artists called Ravelry. It's at ravelry.com. Check it out!