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Any ideas how I can use beach pebbles for art ? Answered

I would like to use pebbles in some form but can not think of a good use



Back when I was a kid, I did a few sculptures by gluing found stones together, inspired by what the shapes of the stones suggested to me. An irregular triangular piece became an elephant's head; an egg-shaped piece became the belly of a portly fisherman; a brick with its top corners chipped off suggested a turtle's shell. Beach pebbles might be too small for that, unless you were working on a smaller scale than I did.

exposed aggregate pattern in concrete?

Depends on size. I've seen a few necklaces or pins made with small pebbles set in metal or wood. I've seen small castles built from beach pebbles and cement. Some people will glue them to a picture frame. Stepping stones for a garden walk made as a mosaic with cement.

Make a mosaic!

My mind goes to using them as part of a mixed media installation, pepples and other natural elements have amazing texture, something only nature can provide. If the pebbles have some significance to a place maybe you can gather other materials from the same place and create a mosaic of that area from found material. Maybe the pebble form the beach, and some bark would make a tree, a few leaves could convey a canopy, all over a painted backdrop using colours that evoke memories of the place. I digress, the limiting factor will be weight, not imagination.