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Any ideas how I might add an auxilliary input to my car's CD player? Answered

Ok, your a clever bunch of people, so please suggest away.
I have recently pucrhased a car with a CD player in it, however I would like to be able to use it with my ipod. I have read of some car CD players having auxilliary ports that one can use to plug an ipod into, however, mine does not have this feature. I could just buy myself a new cd player with an auxilliary port, or one of those FM ipod broadcaster thingies, but wheres the fun in that?
So if anyone knows how I might go about listening to TOOL and Alice in Chains in my car, on my CD player, from my ipod...please do tell!
Thankyou all in advance!


First, pop the head unit out & check on the back, I've had several that had RCA connectors on the back for audio in, if you find these you just need a lead for iPod - RCA

True, but that will only help, if the user interface has a button (the hardware or the software defined kind) that will switch the selector to the external input.
Worth a try anyway. If it doesn't have RCA connectors, there might be some pins on a multi-pin connector used for this purpose. Try to google for the brand/type.

My car stereo does have a button, and inputs for a CD player, but apparently is "clever" about not enabling that button unless a suitable player is actually attached. I've been meaning to get hold of schematics and find out what's necessary to convince it to enable that switch, but...

Go to Fry's or somewhere like that and look for an RF Modulator. One of the inline kind. It fits between the radio and the antenna input and works MUCH better than the transmitter kind.

I've got them on 2 of my cars and they work great. They should cost between $20 and $40 depending on which one you get.

You only need to supply a power connection and it can be removed if you want when you sell the car.


Not very DIY and a bit expensive, but sure to work.

The secret would be to open the CD player and find the connection to the Audio power amp internally - splice in an audio socket connector there, in such a way that the switches inside disconnect the feed from the CD circuits.

Doable, but not simple.



Look for where the volume control goes back into the board.
The place to connect to is likely to be around here as this will usually be between the various input sources and the power amp.