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Any ideas of what to do with old bras? Answered

I would be really impressed if anyone can come up with a clever use for old bras that don't work anymore, preferably push-ups with wire. There must be a second life for them.



No clue beyond raiding them for elastic (if working), fabric, wire and fasteners. All are useful for all kinds of things, but not exactly a project waiting to happen in and of themselves. The fasteners are probably extra useful because there's rarely an abundance of them for sewing stuff.

I hadn't really thought of dissecting them. Some of the elastic might be shot, but I'm sure I can find uses for everything else. Thanks.

Most welcome. It's kind of what I do with a lot of things when I'm in kind of "braindead" mode but want something to do with my hands, just break them into components and sort them so they're there later when I'm actually in gear and thinking "Aww man, I wish I had a fabric fastener/kite string/2 foot plastic stick/3 NPN transistors/a square foot of 1/4" glass/etc/etc/etc" and magically I do. It takes a bit of room, but it's also pretty relaxing.


7 years ago

backpack for a pomeranian

bras that don't work anymore

Hahaha, I don't know why that is so funny to me but it is. :-D

I like bras with support. After a while, they lose their oomph. Straps, underwire, etc....all stop working like they used to.

I can't imagine how they don't work. Of course the answer is probably simple and should be obvious, but it isn't to me at this time.


9 years ago


And if you use the search bar at the upper right hand corner up there, there are many clever instructables on bra-reuse. ;)


9 years ago

double barrel sling shot :P , couldn't resist...

Damn beat me to it....ULTRA LORD double barrel sling shot limited edition!!!