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Any ideas on building a wifi range finder? Answered



I was thinking of something like wifi router transmitting a signal for a microsecond, and then listening for the return, and by using the speed of radio waves and the time until the return divided by 2 we could figure out the distance to the target that the wave bounced off of, but I don't know how to reprogram a wifi transceiver to do this. I have been looking for APIs, but no luck. I don't know if this is what you are trying to do, but I am trying to do it.

Are you looking to use computer WiFi, or an independant WiFi system for use with a PIC?

If the latter, look at ZigBee. It has a built in feature where it can detect the distance between itself and another ZigBee node. By using more nodes you can determine the layout of the nodes.

Step one:  Get a wifi signal strength monitor keychain (~10-20 bucks)
Step two: Disassemble
Step three: Reassemble

You have now made a wifi range finder. 

The parts involved in a wifi tuned chipset would be significantly more complex and expensive to design and build than to just acquire one.

Presumably a wi-fi signal strength meter ?

A what?