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Any ideas on cheap gazebo/marquee weights to hold down the legs? Answered

Some marquees are going on concrete surfaces, some on grass.


Hi well based on my professional experience concrete blocks with a lifting eye
to attach your guy ropes, for instance a marquee that is three metres across
requires 500kg each end based on a wind speed at 33mph for health & safety
reasons and insurance purposes. these 500kg weights cost very little for you
to hire check out >>> www.infiniteeventsolutions.co.uk best wishes

Concrete bricks are plentiful and cheap. Five minutes at your building supplies store should net you a few. Hint: Offer to buy a few broken ones for half price (or less). If they don't sell their breakage, ask for contractors rate on a few new ones.

One common trick is to use hollow containers and fill them with water, When you're done the weight just pours away. Empty bottles, buckets, cooking-oil drums that sort of thing. L