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Any ideas on how to fabricate a refrigerator door gasket? Answered

Hi all,
I have this old refrigerator that works great except for the gaskets which have shriveled with time. I tried taking to my local appliance salesman and he gave me the producers number and told me to call them. so i tried that and asked for a replacement or how to make one. She told me "We have no parts for your refrigerator. Period. Go talk to your local appliance store." has anyone tried to make one at home/work or have any suggestions? thanks.


Magnetic weather stripping for metal doors.


2 years ago

Try latex or similar flexible tubing, and glue it to the chassis with hot glue or silicone RTV. Use tubing of sufficient diameter to have the door end up where it needs to be when in the closed position. Pay attention to where the ends join, and try to get it as flush and consistent as possible. May not be 100% airtight, but what the heck.

You can make it as good as your patience and skill levels allow.

In the realm of DIY. there is also, adhesive backed insulating foam. Easy enough to cut and install, but a challenge if your seal is magnetic. There are a number of discussions if you Google for them.

I have been through the replacing the old fridge (40+ years) door gaskets. Stores and suppliers stopped carrying replacements 20+ years ago. They went to “universal” gasket sets and over the years, I bought and returned 4 different “universal” sets. None of them would seal properly.

I was able to track down the original replacement gasket manufacturer with the original part numbers. In my case, it was FSP for Whirlpool. Then, I waited for quite a while for an affordable NOS top gasket to show up on Ebay. The box was rough but the gasket was like new and it fit and sealed perfectly. I am still watching for the bottom.

Although I knew how to replace the gaskets (and the circulation fan) from experience, an explosion diagram and parts list are invaluable. The diagram and list are only for the doors, The photo is the bottom door but the attachment is the same for both doors.

Door Gasket Box.jpgLower Gasket Fridge.jpgDoor Parts Explosion.jpgDoor Parts List.jpg

1+ even on Ebay you can be lucky to find universal seals by the meter.
Most are glued on these days but some older fridges use a system of grooves to hold the seal, like a slide in mechnism.
For those it is often easier to remove the groove bits first and to put some touch up paint over it before putting the new seal on.
Last time I needed them I paid something around 12$ mark per meter.