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Any ideas on how to make a cat with arthritis feel better? Answered

We have a cat that's about 13 years old and he's developed arthritis in his hips (as diagnosed by the vet.) We're obviously taking the vet's advice about medication, but since he hates taking pills I was wondering if anyone had other ways to ease his pain a bit. He's definitely not in constant pain - this was diagnosed very early and by accident (getting x-rayed for something else) - it seems to mostly be weather and fatigue related. He still plays like a kitten. I've seen commercials for things you mist into water dishes and stuff, does any of that work? What helps people with arthritis? I know he would be happier if I could come up with some non-pill ways to help him manage!


This is a really old post, but I had the same thing happen to my 11 year old cat-- x-ray and everything. There are glucosamine snacks that he loves and seems to make him feel a more comfortable. He has a lot more energy and keeps up with our 2 year old kitten. The snacks are called Hip and Joint soft chews from Pet Naturals of Vermont.

I guess this is kinda generic for any geriatric puddie:
when my pal got a bit older, I found that she lay at the only consistently sunny spot in my apt. (the top of the stairs where the bathroom window sent a patch of sunlight for a good part of the day. in her youth, she had followed the sunniest spots as they changed during the day.)

I ran an extension cord to the spot, plugged in a heating pad on low and wrapped it in an old cotton towel (old so any coatings and scents were gone; also old cotton is softer than new, in my experience).

It was the first & only time she had any interest in something even mildly resembling a pet bed. I know it helped her because she often napped on the heating pad/bed, whereas earlier, she had sat there with a distressed look on her face. Hope this helps your pal.

I used apple cider + white vinegar on my bull terrier and it fixed her arthritis. I used a table spoon of each over her meal. It won't hurt to try. the Bully showed improvement in 3-4 days. In 2 weeks she was a new dog.

Be careful with what people might tell you works - you're the best judge after your cat. The vet probably knows best, including the none-pharmaceutical treatments.


I was mostly just hoping someone had been there and had found something that really helped. I have a really good vet, but, because he's so good, he keeps really busy so I haven't been able to spend much time talking it over with him. Until recently the other cat took up all his attention (our two formerly stray cats came complete with a number of health issues, but they are both so sweet it's worth the trouble.) You know how it is - I'm trying to come up with anything at all to try, I see it as my responsibility as a good pet owner. Thanks!

Put an electric heating pad in its bed. Make its food, water, and litter box closer so it doesn't have to move so much.

For the time being the vet says to encourage him to move around as much as I can. He doesn't seem to be getting the idea of a heating pad yet, but a cat that loves to curl up in the sun as much as he does is probably going to figure it out eventually! I hope he does, it's my best guess at what will make him feel better. Thanks!