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Any ideas on how to make a road legal electric bike in the UK????I Answered

Just wunderin to get to school ( about 10 miles away) that i can ride when im 14 t would have to have peddles on for the law, any ideas on what type of motor and battery to use???



Best Answer 9 years ago

The law for an electric bike to be legal without a license or tax in the UK is:

  • The bicycle must weigh less than 40kg without its rider.
  • It cannot exceed 25kph - about 15.5mph - under power.
  • It must have usable pedals
  • Its motor must have a rated output of less than 0.25kW (i.e.250 Watts).

If your project matches all these points, you are fine riding it on roads and cycle tracks in the UK as soon as you turn 14.

I knew that, but I was wondering what type of motor and battery to use.

I think it would help if the scooter wasn't disabled, as it probs wouldnt work well. lol. ( I DO know what u mean tho lol)

Thanx Kiteman, as always, been a massive help.

May I also add that when you hit 16, you'll be able to ride an electric moped/dirtbike, and tax on electric vehicles is free.

So, as I understand, If you are still pedalling and it hits 40, does that count as under power or not?

Check with your Department of transportation it also depends on where you live in the UK.

naaa, the UK is too small lol, any where in the UK has the same laws, as kitman has stated.

yes!I learned something new today! LOL