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Any ideas on how to make this giant photo frame? Answered


I'm slightly obsessed with this giant photo frame (see attached).

I'm pretty sure it's just a concept / one-off, and it's not something I'd be able to afford anyways, so I'm considering how to DIY it.

I've got some good ideas for the outer frame rim, but I can't come up with a way to make the huge back plate and matt that would look nice and not be too heavy.

For the backplate I could probably use posterboard or 3mm MDF, but I'm not sure of how to join two or more sheets together that won't significantly add to the weight. At this size there will also be some serious stability issues - it'll need some sort of cross bracing.

For the matt, I think I could maybe just use nice cardboard and cut the picture holes by hand, carefully lining up adjacent sheets. Proper matt material I think would be way too expensive for something that size.

Any ideas?





It took a year, but I finally finished my version!

Not quite as nice as the photo above, but I'm pretty happy with it. If I were to do it again, I'd spend a bit more time paying attention to measurements, but I'm OK with what we've got.


More details:

-there is no "matt" over the photos - there are clear photo corners stuck onto the MDF painted white. I just couldn't come up with a cheap way to get a matt board cut, and wasn't willing to cut 150 rectangles myself, and even if I did I'm sure most of them would have looked crap.

- The back board is separable from the black frame, there is a series of "fingers" every ~30cm which rotate to secure the back.

- it's hard to get a photo without a flash reflection on the photos.

Let me know if you have any luck. I have all ready tried to make this and it didn't work. I think I went too small on the MDF and too on the frame, lol. I like your idea on making the frame smaller then the picture. I will have to try that.

Can you elaborate a bit more on why yours didn't work? Did you try joining multiple bits of MDF together?

it can made by wood and board from all sides.you can try ,because i have one big
photo frame in my home that is made by this things.

Thanks for the reply - yep there are reasonably large commercial frames out there, but nothing THIS big. I'm still thinking about the best way to join multiple boards together neatly.

Get yourself a matte board cutter, it allows you to use an x-acto knife blade held at an angle to give you a precise beveled cut. At least then you could do a better job at hiding seams when you piece together strips of board for the matte. You can join several sheets of posterboard, masonite, thin MDF by reinforcing the back of the seam with a glued on strip of the same. Weigh down or clamp until dry. You might want to make a backer frame on the back that is not visible from the front to give it dimensional stability. The whole thing might jut out from the wall an inch or so. Is that individual prints in the frame or is it just a composite image montage blown up to poster size and mounted. I guess a big sheet of glass or plexiglas to cover it all might be expensive. Good luck.

Thanks for the reply.

Maybe you are right I can just butt two pieces of MDF with a reinforcing strap. Maybe I shouldn't go quite as big as the one in the photo - even 2m x 2m would be quite a good effect I think.

Man cutting all those holes in the matt is going to be painful!